Narrow-gauge and indirect rails

Technical conditions of production:

  • Length of rails:
    • intermediate rails - 6-18 m
    • narrow rails - 6-12 m
Click on the proper cell to determine the weight and write down the length to the below form. This way you will receive the total weight.
TypeMass 1 m [kg]Steel gradeFinishing
S1818,30ST6, 700PN79/H-93409 DIN 5901:1995
S2019,80700DIN 5901:1995-11
S3030,35167 - 255 HBPN79/H-93422
S3030,03700, 900A by agreementDIN 5901:1995-11
ASCE 6029,76700, 900A by agreementASTM A1-92
S3939,80Min. 167 HBZN-2010/DHW/0646-18
80A39,76700, 900A by agreementBS11:1985

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