Rail welding shop

The MORIS company offers rails type 49E1, 60E1, 60E2, 54E1 in lengths up to 360 m of welded sections in lengths from 30 to 120 meters.

Welding shop, with its facilities from world renowned technology companies, guarantees the parameters required in BS EN 14587 and in the Technical Conditions No. ILK3d-518/01/08 dated May 31st, 32008.

Full automation of welding rails, weld grinding and straightening rails guarantee reproducibility of high quality products.

Keeping the finished goods warehouse of a few thousand tons ensures full flexibility of the supply.

Rails cutting and punching

MORIS offers cutting and drilling of profiles of the 120 meters elements to the length required by the customer.

Welded Rails

TypeSteel gradeFinishingMax Length
49E1R260EN14587-1:2007; WTWiO-ld-112360 m
60E1R260EN14587-1:2007; WTWiO-ld-112360 m
60E2R260EN14587-1:2007360 m
54E1R260EN14587-1:2007360 m
49E1R350HTEN14587-1:2007; WTWiO-ld-112360 m
60E1R350HTEN14587-1:2007; WTWiO-ld-112360 m

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